Explore yummy LEAN GIRL approved, delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert - as well as sauces, sides and of course some lean girl cocktails too! All of the recipes you will ever need in one place! 


All meals are calorie and macro counted! Access your kitchen coach from your pc or mobile device, allowing you to quickly decide 'what's for lunch?' by navigating through the meal ideas based on your calorie budget 






Eating for fat-loss does NOT mean you need to be eating bland chicken and broccoli or living off salads and smoothies to get lean!



In fact, it may be the very thing keeping you from making progress



Here’s the thing… 


When you’re eating delicious, satisfying, calorie conscious meals....

You don’t need crazy amounts of willpower to stick to your diet! 



I mean, whoever needed willpower to eat Protein Pancakes

Lean Girl Lasagna or Double Chocolate Protein Mug Cake? Exactly – no one does! 



The ultimate secret to both getting and staying lean for life is to eat foods you love while ensuring you follow the simple calories in versus calories out principle!



If you can master this, you’ll be free of dieting for life -  allowing you to be more flexible than ever before, while getting predictably lean! 



The Kitchen Coach was designed to makeover your favorite meals – think pasta, pizza, carrot cake, french toast – and create high protein, low calorie versions that have all the flavor, minus the excess calories, and of course the guilt! 



Welcome to your one-stop-shop for high protein, low calorie, high volume meals which are designed to take the guesswork out of cooking (and eating😜) for fat-loss!



No more eating the same boring tasteless meals because you're out of ideas 

No more takeouts because you can't stomach your 'healthy food' for one more meal

​​No more complicated recipes which would confuse Jamie Oliver himself 

No more wasting time looking for healthy recipes just to find you can't get the ingredients locally

​No more hassle trying to piece together the perfect macro and calorie balanced meals 



The Lean Girl Kitchen Coach will inspire you daily with delicious, simple recipes made from real food ingredients found at your local grocery store! Each meal is macro balanced, calorie counted, easy to make and unbelievably tasty too! 




Start the day with a high protein, low calorie, satisfying lean girl breakfast ranging from 250-400 calories. Some recipes to look forward to are muscle maltabela, pumpkin protein pancakes and  cheesy egg white breakfast cups! 


Delicious additions to increase the volume of any meal that are low calorie and darn right delicious too! 


Sweet potato chips, whole roasted cauliflower and butternut mash are just a a few on the menu!


Enjoy delicious macro balanced meals designed to keep you full for hours and fuel your body with all the right ingredients to build lean sexy muscle!

Think lean girl burgers, butternut cottage pie, and homemade tuna poke bowls ranging from 250-600 calories!


Alcohol is not off limits in the lean girl kitchen! If you're smart you can enjoy a cocktail (or two) and still not break the calorie bank! 


​Fancy yourself a raspberry collins, a whisky ginger or a lite beer shandy!


Protein packed (guilt free) desserts to be enjoyed every night of the week for anywhere from 100-400 calories! 

From chocolate mousse to carrot cake and baked apple pie - there's something new to satisfy just about any kind of sweet tooth! 


Get your hands all of my lean girl favourite finds - from sauces to spices, sweets to supplements!


I'm share all of my favourite food hacks to make your journey to your lean body goals a little easier! 


New recipes will be added to the hub each and every month to ensure you never run out of ideas in the kitchen! 


My 'favourites' tab will always be updated with my newest product finds so you don't miss a thing! 


Expect some special bonuses coming your way as a member of the lean girl kitchen coach! Sneak peak: Meals on a budget, a date night menu, easy calorie swops and so much more! 



My name is Angie, and I'm the founder of the LEAN GIRL brand, and creator of the Kitchen Coach! 


I'm a South African girl on a mission to teach and preach how you can start using simple science to eat more of the foods you love, leave dieting in the dust and get leaner than ever before! YES - this is totally possible - even for you! 😊 


The Kitchen coach was created to take the guesswork out of creating delicious meals designed for fat-loss! Now these are not just any meals, but meals that us SA girls all know and love - which have been transformed into low calorie, high protein versions that can be enjoyed every night of the week!


So if you're ready to start cooking lean, then I look forward to seeing you inside the recipe hub! 


Love Ange x 


LI love how convenient and creative your recipes are! You are so good at making mindful swoops for less calories! I can't do without you! 


- Niki

Your recipes have given me so much inspiration to eat better! You have shown me that eating healthy can be delicious too! 


- Shelby





You honestly make healthy food turn into something exciting everyday! It gives me and my family something to look forward to! 


- Jess 


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