"From a serial dieting, binge eating, exercise hater to fitness fat-loss coach on a mission" 

Raquel da Silva

I thought that eating wouldn’t change my situation and I’m not going to let work problems and hormones get the better of me. But I was still in that negative mood. I didn’t want to weigh or measure myself this morning cause I thought that the results would just effect my mood even more. But I was curious and got on the scale… aannndd I could not believe my eyes. I’ve managed to lose 1kg this week… I was shocked. And I’ve also lost cm’s. The results made me smile and lifted my mood. I’m really glad I’ve started this program with all of you.

Elizna van Wyk

I lost 2.8kgs and 29.4cm overall. Thank you so much Angie for this amazing lifestyle change! The things you have taught me over the 8-week program have been easy to implement and stick to and have really worked! This is a long term solution and I am so grateful to have found you. To any ladies who have hit a slump, START RIGHT NOW! Make sure the next morsel you put into your body is supporting your goals.

Kayleigh John


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